• Jazwares Sonic 3.5"
    Jazwares Sonic 3.5"
    Here's a size comparison shot for these 3.75 inch figures. Here, he's compared with the JW 5 inch regular Sonic and the old Super Poser Sonic. Don't write these off due to small size, they're VERY articulated!You can see he's articulated at the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and waist. The…
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Tall Sonic Bank

Photo credit: Ashclaw

Tags: Bank Coin Bank 2000 Japan

Here's another bank, but this one is quite tall. This Sonic has rather long legs, and crossed arms. This bank came in a box when it was new. There may have also been a bootleg of this bank produced around 2000. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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