• Sonic & Eggman hanging keychains
    Sonic & Eggman hanging keychains
    Here are some silly fun & cute keychains!It's Sonic & Eggman in metal and enamel. However, they're made/posed in the "Paper Child" style, where the character is 'reacting' to an outside force. In this case, they're shown inverted and literally 'hung' by their shoe. Eggman's cape is flipped up, as…
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Sonic curtains

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Curtain United States 2021

The USA finally gets Sonic curtains??
It seems so! Though it took until fall 2021 to do it. These are "Window Panels" but they probably also count as a curtain or a drape. You get 2 panels in the packaging for about 17 dollars, which is an ok rate for something that's pretty big. This is made by "Franco" company, (so, same as the pillow cover above) and has the same quality, bright CG.
The design has 2 poses for Sonic, one each for Tails & Knuckles along with rings & 10ring icons from the games. The background is pale blue & the top/bottom is 2 wavy shades of darker blue.

This is the kind of thing that's perfect for a Sonic room. Having an actual Sonic window treatment is such a cool touch to be able to add. Lacking a window, they can likely also be pinned up to a wall as a large tapestry/wall-scroll type deal. Interestingly, their package name is "Sega Sonic Blue Blur", which....someone at Fraco must have been a fan to put that in there because it's an older slogan/nickname from the past and the panels have no words/slogans at all. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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