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2.5 Jakks Pacific figures wave 2

Photo credit: Taaron

Tags: Jakks Pacific 3 inch United States

Here is a look at Line 2 of the Jakks Pacific 2.5 inch line figures. With line 2 appearing in stores at late fall 2020, it is now confirmed that line 1 had a POOR RELEASE. Not all areas got line 1, and they jumped right to line 2 in Target stores (Which is where these are pictured) Line 2 has 'thumbs up Sonic' who is different from Line 1 who was pointing. The Knuckles is the same, except he may be more forward-posed in his box. You can get Eggman, but he is somehow super tiny? Instead of being to scale, he's actively smaller than all of the other characters. The likeness is fine, but it's just little. There is Shadow, and also Super Sonic, who is pointing.
They are well done for 5 dollar figures. They don't seem to suffer over-spray, or have a flimsy appearance. Jakks Pacific is doing a good job here with these--if you can actually get your hands on them for the original 5 dollar price point. 


Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Jakks Pacific


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