• Sonic pocketeer wallet
    Sonic pocketeer wallet
    This is a "pocketeer" wallet. It's a wallet type invented to show off. When you put it into a flat pocket (like the back of a pants) that dark blue flap with Sonic face you see there clips over the outside of the pocket so everyone can see it. There…
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Specifically for the 30th Anniversary in 2021, Jakks Pacific releases a boxed doll. Usually plush dolls don't come in blind-type boxes, but their "Comic Style Classic Sonic Plush" does. It's not boxed this way to hide other characters (they only did him) but more for the look of it. The box uses bright primary colors, star-bumpers, rings and screen-tone dots. Note the large 30th Sticker there too.
The plush itself...is covered in screen tone dots. Almost all the fabric has them, and thick black borders to give it a sort of 'comic book' theme. When you inspect the photo you can see that the gloves and shoes are made of vinyl or possibly that plasti-leather. Either way, be sure to keep this one out of the sun...*

Oddly, they seem to use 'comic book' as an excuse to not bother to color the parts that are/should be peach colored even though it is clearly not a black and white comic? The eyes are a bit tall, but he otherwise seems pretty normal/classic like. This is confirmed for sale at Game Stop and should be about 30 dollars in summer 2021. Photo & owned by Taaron
*The sun- Vinyl or plastileather doens't often hold up well after years. You can see many dolls here where it is flaking/cracking or peeling off and looks terrible. The best-known method for preserving it is avoiding sun exposure and high humidity or salty sea air.

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