• 2 sets of temporary tattoos
    2 sets of temporary tattoos
    Clearly these 2 sets are by the same company, which has grabbed some of the fairly common stocks to do two sets of 3 tattoos. Unfortunetley they've chosen the somewhat mutant Tails for their top set, but both look like they include the logo...but they really don't.
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Here is Jakks Pacific's "Laughin' Sonic" classic style figure. He is the 5 inch size (but shorter than that because classic) and comes with a yellow spring bumper accessory. Skeptical Modern Sonic was released first, but JP seems to be doing a few figures after stock art expressions.

Maybe they should have stuck to keeping the small line for 'expression-having-variants' because this one isn't the best. 2D stock art does not always translate well into 3D actual physical items. That, or it can be extremely difficult to do.

In this case the eyes are way, way too big and take up almost the entire top part of his head, all onto the sides as well, which...as you know from games and art was never the case. The, to make the head look tipped back, they made the lower face part enormous...which..when you look at any other figure, it is not, you'd get blue under there instead if he lifted his head that far. The big mouth/big tongue is...well it's there. Having one hand gripping nothing while the other hand appears super big compared to it (as it is open) is also kind of odd. Has there ever been a classic accessory made for the figures to hold? Are they going to make one? Sonic never really picked up stuff in the old games...
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It's 10 dollars at Target in August 2021...get this one if it appeals but...it's just kind of wierd.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Jakks Pacific


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