• Sonic X Party balloon
    Sonic X Party balloon
    Finally, after all that oldschool, here's something new!This is a mylar (metallic) Sonic X party balloon. The balloon is shaped so that it makes a puffy outline around the "Thumbs Up" Sonic X stock art. As you can see here, it's quite well done and realistic. The background is likely…
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A figure-first!
Jakks Pacific is the FIRST to create an action figure of the "Mecha Sonic" boss from Sonic 2! This buzz-saw inspired, silver clunky version was Eggman's first try at duplicating Sonic to try and defeat him. It didn't work, but it's cool to see this boss become a real action figure (along-side the giant Egg Bot Boss from the game) to finally be able to reinact the final stages of Sonic 2. With big size Classic Eggman in the pack as well, this one's a must-get!

It's also good because it is a little bit of a price-break. The figures will be sold seperately for 9.99 each, but the 3 pack seen here is only something like 27 dollars or so. You'll save a bit with it, and also on space because of the tidy packaging. The box is fully enclosed (very good) and the window extends around to the top to let light in for good display.

The sculpting here seems quite spot-on. Classic Eggman is very simple in his design, but he has very specific shapes/proportions and they seem to have gotten it right here. The MechaSonic has his odd features like the slot all the way through the head (for the buzz-saw spikes), the strange red mono-eye (no seperate dots), and the square limbs. It does look like they finally brought out the metallic paint for him, which is great as well.
Opinion Zone:
Grab this set! It's an A+ for good size, good sculpts, NEW character, good box and good price. You're not going wrong here. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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