• Kelly toy Chao prototype
    Kelly toy Chao prototype
    The question isn't "was Kelly Toy going to make a chao plush?"It's....Was Kelly Toy going to make a CHEESE the chao plush?This single photo, which is actually a still from a video shot at a toy show, is the only evidence anyone has of Kelly Toy's plan. It may be…
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This somewhat unusual Metal Sonic Plush resides in SonicGear's collection.
This is a rather bizzare item, isn't it? It's not quite mutant but then it's...not quite MetalSonic either. The 'spike' is actually a flat flap of floppy cloth. Why? Who knows. It has not been altered or destroyed in any way. It is however slightly faded and has some dirt. He is indeed an official Sega item, as the faded tag shows. It is obviously supposed to be viewed from slightly above as in the last photo. But they did detail him out, with small shoulder guards, wrist cuffs, and all 5 pointy felt fingers. The jet engine in the chest has sewn in vents as well. It isn't very large, perhaps only about 6 inches high.

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  • Region: Asia


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