• More Toy Factory canadian plushes
    More Toy Factory canadian plushes
    In 2017 Canada gets some good news, and a little bad news with this sheet. It's from a trade publication (so, for stores/retail) & shows the planned plushes that Toy Factory wants to release. They're sold by the case (so, only lots at once) and are to act as amusement…
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Japanese Knuckles plush sold in China

Photo credit: Calistine

Tags: China Japan Knuckles the Echidna Possible bootleg

Here's a Knuckles doll that was sold out of China, though it seems to be modeled after Japan plushes. The question is: is this a bootleg or is it official? Notice the odd yellow dots on top of his shoes (they should be gray) and his mini-fists which are not really fitting with the character. However, the head is so big, could it be in 'chibi style'?

The face is actually pretty decent for a phony, usually fakers will screw up more than just fist size. Until this plush can be proven real or fake, it'll have to stay here. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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