Wow, what's all this stuff doing in one photo?
And...isn't some of this stuff known to be USA items?
It's true...because here comes Jazwares figures & the known-Amazon 'lunch kit' stuff...but the answer is that a place called "Mercedes Benz World" brought it all together...for...reasons. As you know, Mercedes-Benz is a car type, but they also have a car promoting & educational area in Brookland Surrey in England. You can go there to see a tour, learn about what they do & more.
However, for whatever reason, they decided to amass up a bunch of Sonic merchandise in the MB World, possibly as prizes or maybe an exhibit? Could it have been a Sega cross-promotion? MB published the above image online (But it was only found much later, and without their context with it so that's why all these questions)

You can see a Sonic Racing / Speed Star themed soft-sides lunch box with matching drink cooler, a slection of Jazwares 3.75 inch line figures, including the Chaotix, 2 Jazwares modern Sonic & Tails larger plush dolls, the NKOK (probably) figure-8 little Sonic Racing 2 car set, a 'kids type' Sonic sunglasses, a canvas classic style Sonic wallet, a classic style baseball Sonic cap, and an outfit with gray modern Sonic top with black Sonic logo shorts. (This is debatable if it was ever actually released and if so where)
The last item is appears to be some sort of pinball game for the table top. It's modern in style, with CG graphics for the box background. However...that's not a real box. It's just a picture of what someone wanted the product to look like. Was this pinball ever produced? Most of the items in their selection are easily found and well it seems likely. You can always write in with information on why Mercedes would collaborate in their World with Sonic.

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