• Zelda Hyrule Warriors Sonic advertisement
    Zelda Hyrule Warriors Sonic advertisement
    This is a Japanese ad for "Zelda Hyrule Warriors". It appears to be saying that if you use your Sonic amiibo figure with the game (Somehow?) that it will produce either a Sonic costume for (presumably) Link, or a Link costume for Sonic? Either way, it's a virtual item that…
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As expected, Jazwares released a Single Card Amy Rose for anyone who either couldn't get, or didn't want the 2 pack. It's a great idea in general to offer everyone as single-figures, because it's an inexpensive way to get only the characters you want, and provides a great 2nd chance at anyone you may have missed. She should be at Toys R US and online starting around August 2010. Photo discovered by TurboTheHedgehog
Singlecard Amy is not without her flaws. You can see a broken elbow joint here (missing the top piece) and she is also known to have loose boots. WATCH for her paint details to all be in place as well. 


You can find more photo's of this figure at the Sonic & Amy comic pack


In 2013, Jazwares will release a different type of single card figures. These new bubble cards are the smallest ones yet from them. The new back card features the pale checkers & lighter blue theme, with character names in orange with stars. ANY figure they've done could become available on these smaller cards. It would be a really welcome addition, if they re-relase fiigures on the small cards, at low prices. For instance, this modern Amy became uncommon. It would be a great way for fans who missed out on 2-packs to fill in their figures too. So far, only Amy has a photo on card, but for further proof there is Metal Sonic at ToyWiz . (Watch out for high prices, they're probably charging double the price there) These should be in stores around October 2013. Who else will appear? 

 Jazwares Amy Figure new box

3 inch Amy Jazwares FigurePhoto by DioSoth


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