• Sonic Mania Collectible Wall Poster
    Sonic Mania Collectible Wall Poster
    For Sonic Mania, here is an exclusive collectible wall poster.It's made of thick poster paper, and was only available / seems to be made for the event called SXSW (South by South West) It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles running, flying and gliding a city/night area in the game. "Club…
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Jazwares produces its own set of mini figures (last ones were F4F, run under the Jazwares label) this time with modern styles for the characters. With this 6 Pack you get Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic & Amy Rose. (Not Super Sonic) They're all on the 'spin' shaped black bases that came with the 3.5 line figures, but are likely attached. The poses look dynamic from here...but this set had POOR distribution. It is likely becoming harder to find. Buy this if you see it at a reasonable cost & want it. 

Tails, Shadow, Amy and Metal SonicPhotos by Gennifer

Here are the turn-arounds for the mini modern figures. They did fairly well with setting the characters into poses that action figures might not be able to do (pretty much the whole point of a static figure like this) Tails is a bit dully-posed (what's he doing?) Shadow is pulling his glove cuff like in a popular art, Amy is sort of leaning (but she looks sort of startled), Sonic is pointing & Metal Sonic raises a hand aggressivly. (Note: this MS has been laquered, the original may not appear that shiny) It's a nice set with some new poses, it's just too bad it's somewhat harder to find. (So watch out for high prices) 

ModernMiniFigJWBox 1ModernMiniFigsJW1 1

Here's a look at the box back for the Jazwares Modern Mini Figures seen above. It uses the nicer new poses for each of the characters. However, the quality on these can be LOW

As you'll notice in the inset of the photo at right, the Metal Sonic broke even though he was removed carefully from the box. Sure, he can be glued, but no one wants some super frail figure that just snaps like that. Also try to buy this in person, as the paint jobs on the figures might not be the best. At 19.99 for the set of small, static figures, you'd hope for better quality. If possible, inspect all sets on the shelf before buying & take extra care if you're de-boxing. Since the figures don't move..this may be best left MIB anyway. Photos & owned by KennyTheHedgehog


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