• GE Mini Sonic Plush
    GE Mini Sonic Plush
    GE Entertainment is set to release this "Mini Sonic" plush some time in the fall of 2011. But just how 'mini' is it? What size can we expect to see? No matter the size though, this doll looks good so far. Distinct cuff & sock details, good shoe-shape and a…
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These new figures are called "Mini Morphs". They're by Jazwares and are only 2.75 inches high each.

Jazwares will release a new line of figures in October 2013. They're called "Mini Morphs" and the style is "Super Deformed" or "Chibi Style". Cute little display figures with really big heads. The style is most suited to the cuter, classic style Sonic characters, so that's who makes the debut as the first three. They chose thumbs up Classic Sonic, standing Classic Tails & standing Classic Metal Sonic. Everyone's expression seems ok so far, in these company/factory photos. Sonic is faced with head tilted a little (too far?) down, which also explains why you see the bottoms of his feet in that out of package photo above...they had to tilt the figure back to get him to be truly 'face on' for the photo. Each box has 4 window/sides so you can get a good look at the figure inside. Sonic is die-cut into both box edges. The boxes look good here, they're attractive enough and show off the figure.
These are due in October, probably at Toys R Us. ToyWiz.com will preorder them for you for 9.99 each, but that's really costly for such a tiny figure. Remember, these are SMALLER than JW 3.75 small line, and they're not articulated. Get them at Toys R Us for about 5.99. 

Sonic Mini Morph figures boxed



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