• 3 different fleece blankets
    3 different fleece blankets
    Here are 3 different fleece blankets, each of which has 2 different patterns. Interestingly, there are 2 for Tails exclusively, and 1 for Sonic. (Generally it's the other way around) The Sonic one is dark blue, & features thumbs up modern Sonic faced partially away in a giant gold ring…
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There is an all new mini figure collection!
These small figures with gold ring shaped bases are produced by Kid Robot. They likely have an early 2017 release date. There are 14 figures total, with all classic style & a nice variety. You can get standing Eggman, running Sonic, motobug, a ring, flying Tails, Egg o Matic Eggman, 'pixel Sonic', Coconuts monkey, Buzz  Bomber, Octobot, finger waving Sonic, chop chop the firsh or hand up Tails. Each one is fully 3D & neatly painted. Unfortunately, these are "Blind Box" figures, so you don't know which one you'll get.

Watch out for the starting price. At release, each small figure works up to about 11+ dollars per figure AND to not know which one you will get (or the ring) seems not-that-reasonable & makes this set something exceedingly costly to collect.


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