• Vintage Sonic Crinkly Paper
    Vintage Sonic Crinkly Paper
    This is a fold-out centerpiece for your Sonic the Hedgehog theme Birthday Party. The crinkly paper makes it stand. This is Uncommon, probably because crinkly paper is easy to squish. You are more likely to find unused ones.
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Kid Robot has more in store for 2017 than just the blindbox figures above. At the right (bottom if you're on mobile), they show a classic Sonic scene. It's Green Hill (of course) & has a spinning/rolling Sonic figure (with transparent plastic 'energy' effect around him) & a sloping GHZ base. There are 3 rings to be placed on clear pegs to give a floating effect. Is this just a diorama of some sort? Does it come with anything else/do something? As you can see there with the tag it says "Wholesale 37.00", which means anywhere you go to buy it, it will likely be much more. (As that is the base price the store would pay) More info on this pending anyone finding it for sale somewhere. 

At the left (top if you're on mobile) you can see what it looks like mint in the box. The box is, of course, GHZ themed and made to look like an extension of the mini diorama, complete with matching grass & the pixel sky background. The window is die cut to show off the Sonic and a fun shape for the sun flower too.

Making good use of plastic, there's a cool clear tinted 'motion-blur / energy' type ring around the Sonic & a semi-transparent 'spin up take-off dust' cloud thing for his base so he really looks like he is in action. It's good that you can pick the figure off the base too, as seen here. You can checkout the metallic version here which shows it among other display figures so that you can see it's a fair size, it is neither tiny nor gigantic



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