• Sonic Adventure rent it now sign
    Sonic Adventure rent it now sign
    In the time of Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 1, video rental stores were still a big place to go for games. Here, Hollywood Video has a cardboard big size floor standee with SA1 Sonic & the Dreamcast logo. It has "Rent it Now" emblazoned across his shoe/the front, and a logo…
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Loot crate retro arcade classicsPhoto by TaaronLoot Crate had another Sonic figure.

This one appears in their "Retro Arcade Classics" crate. This particular one was found at a WalMart after (I guess they didn't sell enough through the normal way?) It has the Sonic display figure, Tetris magnets, pacman glass & Street Fighter comic book issue. The Sonic figure is modern though, so it doesn't make sense to label him 'arcade' nor 'classic'. He is shown running on a GHZ theme base, with two rings held up by clear pegs ahead of him. The sculpt of the figure isn't the best. The head is somewhat flattened/too low.

Because Loot crates aren't a choice (It's a 'mystery subscription box that comes each month) you don't get to choose him (or not) If someone has this figure & sends a photo, it will appear here. 


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