• Knuckles the Echidna Racer
    Knuckles the Echidna Racer
    Knuckles on his dune-buggy style off-road racer. This vehicle is rather cool, with Knuckles inspired coloring, as well as continuing the metal theme from his shoes onto the wheel guards. The figure looks like it fits on there well too, and the gripping hands will surely help it. Jazwares didn't…
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Did you know this existed?
Quite quietly, sometime near the end of 2018, the Sega Shop online released this Limted Edition, all-silver-tone Metal Sonic collectible figure. It was 25 dollars, which is pretty reasonable for a fairly sized AND limited edition figure like this. But they did it with no fanfare, or notice it was coming....
And it sold out nearly immediatly. (Because of course it would) So, this is going to be an uncommon item for sure. It looks great & classic in the all silver tone. He's shown 'floating' along over the track with clear peg supports, just like in the real race. The box has nice art & a logo "LC" for the company that did it...

but what's the name? Will they make any more figures? What about the normal color, non-limited version? It wasn't ever for sale at the Sega Shop at the same time as this one. The track is branded with the 25th logo...so you know it had to be a 2018 item.
This figure is somewhat frusterating, because of the quiet release, limited quantity, and decent price that made fans who wanted it (and could actually get it due to price point) feeling left out. The figure is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and was exclusive to the Sega Shop (SegaShop.com) in the US. 


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