• Modern Sonic PJs
    Modern Sonic PJs
    PJs in a package. This rather plain pajama set has a big Sonic face & logo on the long sleeve top, with a plain pair of blue pants. It's not terribly exciting, but was made by Smith Brooks & can be found at NEXT stores for 13 pounds in fall…
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This is Tomart's Action Figure Digest magazine. It is sold in the USA at certain book stores & news stands. As you can see here, ReSaurus' Sonic made the cover of this issue. The only Sonic related text is the logo and line below which reads "From ReSaurus", all other text is irrelevent. The figure shown is clearly not a final one, but could be either their tiny one or the 'giant talkin' one as they were essentially identical, simply scaled up or down. It also shows that ReSaurus did not have the best grip on what Sonic looked like, with the tilting eyes and oddly set ears. (this was mostly fixed, later) It's great to see that a Sonic figure made such headline news when it first appeared! 

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  • Region: America


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