• Little plastic Sonic
    Little plastic Sonic
    What is this shortie figure? It looks like a little plastic Sonic...but they've eliminated his arms and legs, simply attaching his feet and gloves to his squashed body, and leaving his head about the same. This results in an odd round little item. What could it be for? Was this…
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Nintendo Power Collector's corner

Photo credit: PiplupFan77

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The magazine Nintendo Power added a section called "Collector's Corner" where each month, they feature photos of different video game related collectibles. With these pages you can see them covering various action figures, including Jazwares offerings for the 3.5 inch line, and the All Stars Mini Racers, which they call 'hot wheels size' & 'cute and collectible'. The second one (right) basically just lists who you can collect, the size, and that Jazwares did it. It's great to see general magazine doing features like this to let the fans know what's out there. (JW doesn't seem to buy adspace much of anywhere) 

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