• Chinese Sonic X towel
    Chinese Sonic X towel
    This is a big beach-size towel for Sonic X. Notice how complicated the Sonic X title looks when it's written in Chinese. The "X" is the same but that whole rest of it is the title. The towel has rings, stars, & colored dots. The tag has the license info,…
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Here's a whole collection of Sonic magazine covers! Some of these you can already see on the magazine pages here, but others are new. Most of these titles are UK (Retro Gamer was also sold in the USA) Look at the Mega Drive magazine in the bottom corner with customized Sonic 3 artwork of Sonic Vs Robotnik. The only other issue lacking any 'clutter' or subheads similarly, is the Dreamcast magazine right next to it. Titles included are Sega Saturn Magazine, Mega, Dreamcast Official Magazine, Games Master, DC-UK, Retro Gamer & Cool. 

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