Sega 1990s PVC Figure box

Photo credit: Alexjess

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Here's a rare look at the box that the popular 1990s PVC figures came in. The box is thin card, but is decorated with a nice batch of Sonic stock arts. Some are clearly more Japanese than others, but all are great to look at. Plus, could that be the most unusual and hard to find genuine classic Super Sonic art in the corner there? Certainly, the spikes are turned upward, though it looks like he is sitting down. Inside, each of the little PVC figures fit into specific holes in the packing. Unfortunately the paint on these guys wasn't always the best, notice the quite off-model and differently sized eyes. It is likely all the PVCs from this line came in a similar styled (and well done!) box. This box was also used (probably a scaled down version) for the solid metal/cast figure of Sonic. It can be seen on UK Items Page 2. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 1990s
  • Region: EU
  • Brand: SEGA


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