• Sonic X loud lycra shirt
    Sonic X loud lycra shirt
    For this mysterious company, 'lycra' seems synonamous with 'loud' and this shirt is no exception. Amid hot blue geomatric patterns, giant bright red letter 'x's and scatterings of small stock art groups (see sleeves) you can find 5 characters on this stretchy thin-cloth tee. Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, Sonic & Shadow…
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BioWorld Game Icons Sonic Tee Tags: Shirt BioWorld

This is called the "Game Icons Sonic Tee".
It's a Bio World item appearing in Winter 2019. Does it seem familiar? It might...because this sort of thing has been done before on notebooks as well as shirts. What's a little odd is that it doesn't seem to actually use any real icons from a game. It has a Sonic face, a silouhette in a diamond shape, 1 ring, some squares, a lightening bolt?, a logo, and an "S" on a shield. These are all scattered around modern jumping-twist Sonic on a cobalt blue tee.
What's odd is that the games are actually full of real icons they could have used like 'speed arrows', extra life icon, Chao things, Eggman's stuff...the list goes on. It's an all right tee, if you didn't have anything like it already. This is likely to be an Amazon item.


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