• Toy Network Amy Rose
    Toy Network Amy Rose
    A company called Toy Network made Sonic Adventure plushes which were not that large. They did more than just Amy Rose, but a lot of those got into the Mutant Gear page.
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A watermark in real life?
This interestingly designed tee sure looks like it. A watermark is a semi-transparent stamp put over artwork or other copyrighted things to make them harder to steal...but in the case of this shirt the pale overlay of the slogan "Gotta Go Fast!" creates the look in real life by applying over the color Sonic graphic & the gray of the shirt itself. It creates an interesting look that hasn't been done before!
The tee itself isn't ordinary either, with its red collar, and one gray sleeve while the other is blue. Sonic is modern here, shown running forward. He's almost full color, but missing (on purpose) the yellow for his buckles and any of the areas that would be white. These are instead the gray background of the shirt. This is a teens size tee, but where is it sold? How much is it? It appeared in winter 2020

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: America


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