• Sonic Qees
    Sonic Qees
    These are Sonic Qees by Toy2R.A Qee is a little figure which may be usable as a key chain. (hence the qee word) These mini figures will likely come BlindBoxed which means like the Gashapon figures you can't tell whats' inside until you buy it and open it. This is…
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Here are 3 new designs out of the UK.
Notice the shaped Sonic tag on each one. Interestingly, there are 2 Amys, one pink, the other blue, with their own pattern of stripes. The Sonic is a normal X stock art, in an 'x' shaped background with an abstracted name on the edge, and logos on the sleeves. All the shirts are highly decorated and nice. But where are they available? Are there better photos? Photos used without permission here...so they are small and marked.

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  • Region: Europe


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