• Sonic Jams!
    Sonic Jams!
    Literal...Sonic Jams! These are likely 'somewhat official' Sonic Team got a hold of them, for this photo. However, their description wasn't that clear on flavors, official status or why/where these things exist. It's certainly a cute 'parody-ish' item. They mention that all 3 flavors turned black despite the seal, due…
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This curious shirt was billed as a "Sonic Heroes Promo Item"
The tag is quite obviously nothing to do with Sega (it's Fruit of the Loom) & the only "Heroes" type marking it has is the logo on both sleeves. The front & back of this shirt are conspicuously blank. You'd think they'd want something a bit more "Sonic-ish" if this were for real...
And it is! Despite no "Sega" words anywhere on it, this was an official Heroes promo shirt given away by Gamestations OR GAME stores in the UK if you pre-ordered with them. No one knows why it's so plain, but at least it is no longer under suspicion. Added info by GenHedgehog

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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