• Sonic boom8 series vol. 01 & vol. 02
    Sonic boom8 series vol. 01 & vol. 02
    Together, Boom8 (nothing to do with Sonic Boom) Freak & Geek Toys and First4Figures teamed up to make...well, more figures!This "Boom8" series will consist of small size PVC display figures that come in nice collector boxes. There's vol. 01 which is standing in his famous pose. And vol. 02 which…
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The store "GAME" is beginning to sell t-shirts in these interesting cans. The shirt is all rolled up inside the plastic can. The can has a nice foil shiny label on it, with Adventure style Sonic (no matter if the shirt is classic style or not) and a picture of someone wearing the product so you can see what it will look like. Of course, this means you can collect the cans, too.
Here are 2 varient shirts on a theme, only having the eyes of Sonic, with his mouth and nose and nothing else. The blue one is classic style, and the black one is Adventure style. This design type was used on some vintage Japanese things, and it makes a nice look here too. Blue can/shirt photo by SonicFanGuy Black can/shirt photo by The GagaMann
Available: 2008-Summer

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  • Region: Europe


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