• Toy Island line 2 prototypes
    Toy Island line 2 prototypes
    Welcome to a special preview section!This lets you get a real sneak peek at the upcoming fall 2007 lines from Toy Island. So far, we know they are making Mega Bot Series #2, and a all new line The Super Posables. See more Super Poser Prototypes (TODO: Link http://www.sonicgear.org/Prototypes/SonicPrototypes.html). This…
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This is a promo-item (obviously) for Sonic Heroes.
You could obtain this shirt if you pre-ordered a copy of the game at certain game stores in the UK. The shirt is plain and white all over, except the printed on Team Sonic and the game's logo. The tag has the Sega copyrights, so it is a legitimate item (though it slightly resembles an iron-on)

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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