• Amy & Tails doll from Japan
    Amy & Tails doll from Japan
    Here's a nice recent Amy from Japan. As you can see, she has a felt strip for her 'bangs', they didn't go too heavy on the eye-edge, and her expression is nice as well. The fabric looks very soft, almost fuzzy. But the interesting feature here is that her eyes…
    in Japanese plushes

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Here's a shirt that was actually a prize at the Summer of Sonic event!
This Sonic Heroes theme tee was a give-away item there. As you can see it doesn't have anything on the front or back (somewhat unusual) but it uses the 3 stripes and logo on both of the sleeves. It's a good quality shirt with good printing too, it's not cheap just because it was a prize. This was also a pre-order give-away prize shirt at the store GAME, if you pre ordered Heroes there, you'd get this. Added info by JenHedgehog

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe


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