• Sonic Racing Transformed NKOK 2 pak (Sonic+Shadow)
    Sonic Racing Transformed NKOK 2 pak (Sonic+Shadow)
    Here's an uncommon 2-pack.This NKOK 2 pak is seldom-seen, and contains both Shadow & Sonic in the All Stars Racing Transformed vehicles. Shadow's seems to be the 'hover mode' one while Sonic's Speed Star is in it's normal car mode. These also should have been available individually packaged as well...and…
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NEXT Shadow the Hedgehog shirt

Photo credit: NEXT

Tags: Shadow the Hedgehog Shirt United Kingdom NEXT

This stylish Shadow shirt is made by NEXT in the UK. It may or may not be sold offline as well as online, in summer 2010. The all black shirt didn't stop them from using actual black ink on Shadow, which actually makes it a nice touch/somewhat unusual. (Most shirts just use the background color) He's in a sliding Sonic X type pose, that isn't over-used. A nice modern looking shirt for Shadow fans! 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: NEXT


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