• Unknown Sonic-X knuckles plush
    Unknown Sonic-X knuckles plush
    This Knuckles may not look the best, but it doesn't mean he's necisarily fake. The details seem ok, such as shoe-bolts, proper stripe placement, and ok fists. The face needs some help (toad-eyes too far apart ish) but he seems fairly proportional otherwise. Also notice the Sonic X cloth-tag (at…
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Even if you've already got a Sonic face themed shirt...you likely don't have one like THIS!
This extra-interesting design is actually a mosaic of tiny dots that form Sonic's face. The dots are little metal studs/flat beads stuck into the cloth. They give the design an interesting look and texture. The inset shows a close up of the stud size. NEXT released this shirt. It was 14.99 came in sizes from 3 to 11 year olds (so it's pretty small, and might not fit you) 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: NEXT
  • Price list: £14.99


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