• Tails face pin from 1992
    Tails face pin from 1992
    Here is a Tails-face shaped pin from 1992. It's all metal & enamel, and was likely to be some sort of Sonic 2 promotional item. The 'border' is likely not black, it's probably silvertone metal of the pin, just caught in a reflection. He's pretty on-model, with a cute expression,…
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Green modern Sonic & Knuckles shirt

Photo credit: Kari

Tags: Modern Shirt United Kingdom

One green S & K shirt not enough for you? Here's another! This one uses modern Sonic & Knuckles. It is done under the Sonic X label, and brings in a new font for Knuckles' name. Both are shown leaping foreward, so this is a more dynamic design. The shirt is the same color (right down to the green/gray sleeve combo) as the one above. This can be found at Marks & Spencer. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: Marks & Spencer


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