• Missing head Classic Sonic shirt
    Missing head Classic Sonic shirt
    This shirt is certainly not like any other. It's foreward facing classic style Sonic Stock art, but positioned so that his head is just totally missing...meaning that whoever is wearing the shirt, their head substitutes for his. So...your head on classic Sonic body, is basically the effect. The design also…
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Grey modern Sonic the Hedgehog with shiny bits

Photo credit: Shadouge

Tags: Shiny Modern Shirt United Kingdom 2011

Here's another really interesting tee that has a design made up of little shiny bits. Remember the old one? It had Sonic's face. This one has the Sonic X 'aggrivated' stock art, but it is totally composed of little gems, which are likely painted metal studs pierced through the shirt. This makes it shiny & detailed. The effect is quite unique, and seems to work well here. With the inset, you can see how they all align to make the design. This is from NEXT in 2011. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2011
  • Region: Europe
  • Brand: NEXT


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