• Sonic Generations Game Stop poster
    Sonic Generations Game Stop poster
    This poster appeared in Game Stops in the USA to help advertise Sonic Generations. It has modern Sonic in a modern GreenHill level, & the logo, so it's rather uncomplicated. The bottom has the list of systems the game will appear on. It may have a companion piece, with classic…
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Still more from Bio World, this is a 2020 release.
An all black tee with large full color modern Sonic design. He's doing a bit of a sideways peace sign maybe, while probably jumping. The shirt spells his name vertically/downward in an all red/white tiny checker font.
This is probably a teens size item. It's also pretty standard stuff. There are plenty of similar tees with similar designs...but it's ok if you didn't already have something like it. It's solid, it's normal, and it's Sonic merchandise. This is likely to be an Amazon item.

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  • Region: Unknown


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