• Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Pullback cars
    Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Pullback cars
    Here are 2 pull back n' go racers from All Stars Racing Transformed. It's Shadow in his car that's changed to hover mode, and Tails in his car that's in...car mode. If you put them on the ground or a table top & pulled back, it winds them up. Letting…
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This tee is a little strange...but there's sure not been anything like it before.
It's a white tee with a Sonic face on it but...he's all the way at the top of the tee such that the ears go over the shoulders. He's forward-facing too, and the sleeves are blue so like..his face is the sleeves also? Or the spikes? And the head is just hovering there/there's no body or anything, just white tee material and then the full color modern logo in the bottom corner. So anyone wearing it it would look like their head was kind of growing out of the Sonic head? This odd-it-tee appears in winter 2021, but where?

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  • Region: America


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