• Sonic Generations pre-order bonus Spain
    Sonic Generations pre-order bonus Spain
    This is the pre-order (or possibly bonus pack) for Sonic Generations in Spain. Europe is supposed to get a pack of some sort (different from this) so it's unknown why Spain alone is doing it's own different bonus. The shirt has both eras of Sonic on it, with the logo.…
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Not since the days of Topheavy tees have fans been able to enjoy foil designs for shine on their shirts.
This one brings back the gold...using shiny gold foil for the running forward Modern Sonic & the modern logo at the top. The shirt doesn't slouch on the rest of the design though, it has scattered & somewhat various light blue-on-darker-blue modern Sonic line arts. These appear to cover the entire fabric for the rest of the shirt. They are done in a close enough color to the shirt fabric itself that it does not appear to make the design busy.
What company produces this? Where is it sold? You can write in for credit.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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