• Modern Sonic kids Socks
    Modern Sonic kids Socks
    This pair of kids-size socks (still, check if they fit your feet! Socks can be somewhat versatile) is found at ASDA, and is part of a 2 pair for 3 pound deal. (see other pair next-to) With a bargain like this, picking up a couple pairs should be done. The…
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Target comes up with a rather unusual 3 Piece Set in 2021.
This is the Boys or Girls Kids Jogging 3 Piece Sonic Set. The name's a bit long, but it's interesting to see them throwing "Girls" in there because for whatever reason, it rarely happens. The choices are a bit unusual as well, because the yellow tee gives you a solo Eggman item (rare already) perfect for Eggfans. It says "Dr. Eggman" at the top and then has a hashtag below him in aqua and pink. But what is it? The factory photo always has the 2nd tee covering the word. Looks like #YOU ? But why? The other tee is white with a blue color/bluescale modern jumping/hand up Sonic on a pink palm tree stencil/spray style background. It has "Let's Roll!" slogan in light green at the bottom. The shorts are a mottled medium gray, with just the modern word Sonic up the side of one leg, kind of small. It's great that there's unusual color use going on, as well as a Sonic element on each item. This set is online at Target, as well as should be in stores. It's about 22 dollars.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Target


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