• 3 piece Sonic PJ set
    3 piece Sonic PJ set
    Here is a rather stylish 3 Piece PJs set exclusive to Kohls Department Stores.This is a summer 2020 item, probably in the boys section. If it's too small for teens/others, it'll be a shame too because it's rather stylish. They've taken the modern characters & 'splashed on' shading for the…
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More scattered Sonic designs...and this time it's from Old Navy.
Old Navy releases this white tee in 2021/winter season (for some reason), with various poses for modern Sonic scattered in any direction as an all-over print for the white fabric tee. It's all stock art (no cg), but the poses have decent variety, and are large enough that you can tell what's going on with them and it doesn't look busy. The fabric being printed this way means that the front, back, and sleeves will all have Sonics all over them.
Old Navy items tend to be exclusive to the store, so you'd have to go there to get this. The printed-in collar tag also has the Old Navy logo. It's in the boys/teens area and will depend on sales how much it costs. (Generally around 8 or 9 or so dollars)

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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