• Sonic 20th Be@rbricks figures
    Sonic 20th Be@rbricks figures
    Remember the Be@arbricks? This one is certainly official. Be@arbrick is by Medicom. Bearbricks are blind-boxed (as seen here) so you could get any of the ones shown at left. The Sonic one is decent looking enough, for something styled onto an oddly shaped 'bear'. Notice the clear portion of the…
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As the virus continues to be a thing, companies catch up with masks!
In this case, it's a Sonic tee but packaged with a non-Sonic (Generic) cloth mask in kids-sizes. The tee is mottled gray, and has various poses for modern Sonic scattered all over it. Since it's an actual fabric print, that means the design is everywhere/front/back and sleeves too. They've kept him big enough that the design doesn't appear too busy.
The mask is made to match it, with dark blue, light blue spatter paint effect and some red blob shapes to create an abstract design but one that at least uses Sonic's colors.
This is reported to be an Old Navy item for 19.99 , but it may be online only? It's a spring 2021 find.

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  • Region: America


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