• Blast from the past Sonic poster
    Blast from the past Sonic poster
    This poster is a blast from the past (it appeared in the Sonic 2 era) and brings with it the usual rather odd art. This features Sonic & Tails swinging on a vine in a jungle, with a parrot and bananas. You can see Eggman style/Robotnick combo guy on a…
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An uncommon sight!
A shirt variant pair, sold exclusively by 2 different competing stores. While tee color variants (same design, but shirt is a different color) are fairly common, design variants of this similarity aren't so common. The left side shirt is an Old Navy exclusive. The right only is sold at Kohls. They're both black with the same modern Sonic face under a 'layer' of checkers.

Alternating squares are somewhat opaque, while the others are transparent. But, the Kohls store version mixes in shiny silver ink for some of the squares that appear over the Sonic face, while the Old Navy one does not. It's curious how this happened, usually stores don't like each other having the same design like that. This shirt should be about 9 dollars in summer 2021 in the kids/teens section. Both shirts are in the SonicGear collection.

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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