• Dutch Sonic Dance Power CDs
    Dutch Sonic Dance Power CDs
    Sonic Dance Power Volume 1This first one arrived around the time of Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear. To help with the game's popularity as you can see with the cover, Knuckles and Knack/Fang the Sniper are all making an appearance in somewhat-unique art, while Sonic snowboards. The top…
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A yolo yellow eggman tee Tags: Eggman Shirt

A Yolo Yellow Tee!
Now here's an odd bird. How did this shirt even happen? It isn't terrible, and it is excellent for Eggfans, but it seems like a quite-unlikely item. It's all pale yellow, with rainbow pastel for the writing that spells out "Dr. Eggman" in a ring around his face. The bottom has #Yolo (hash-tag yolo = You Only Live Once) also in rainbow pastel. The modern Eggman face has the mustache going in 2 bit of different directions as he is smirking.
Eggman has never been associated with saying 'yolo'? Is rainbow pastel his best color? Is it a meme?

This appears at Target in 2021 / summer. (It's actually a better look at the online item/this is it appearing on Gear for the 2nd time because you can actually see the design this time) It's guarenteed to be a unique item for any Tee collector and another must-get for Egg fans.

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  • Region: Unknown


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