• Sonic through time eggman prototoype
    Sonic through time eggman prototoype
    Well, if there's Sonic through time, why not Eggman through time too? At the top is the classic Eggman (which they're calling Robotnick as that was the era where they re-named him for 'western' audiences--the era where it was ok to arbitrarily change anything from a game) Below, you can…
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Hmmm...some gray shorts.
This is just a pair of mottled gray casual/sport elastic-waist shorts seen at Target in summer 2021. However, as it is so plain, is it somehow part of a set? There's at least 2 'sweat suit' sets at Target at the same time (Seen on Gear WinterWear) where the pants part is subtle but the top is normal AND they're not sold clipped together. The sender (of this photo) did not find any matching top anywhere near-by. The pants behind it are part of one of the aforementioned sets.
This has a draw string and wide-elastic waist. The Sonic content is the logo printed vertically and fairly small on one of the legs. Both items seem to be by the HIS brand, as seen with the round ring paper tag up there. If a matching top is discovered it will be added to this page.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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