• Modern white Sonic shirt
    Modern white Sonic shirt
    This shirt has a rather modern & clean feel, with the white fabric, various simple but large blue squares & modern jumping twist Sonic. He's large & stands out well, along with the logo.
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Interesting and fairly stylish...
Kohls scores again in the kids teens /boys area with a new tee for Fall 2021. This is a light blue tee with a simple forward-facing modern Sonic face on there...but what helps make it nicer/unique is that it has an all-over print. The whole shirt is scattered with middle-blue line art Sonics, in all sorts of poses. The blues are similar, so the design doesn't get too busy.
The face and full color modern logo are bright, solidly colored and nice looking. (That black line there is the size sticker) This has the GOSega promotional branding on the paper ring tag. This is likely a HIS company item. This is reported to run a bit small, so if you are a teen/or up, you'll need the large or XL to get it to fit.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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