• Neopets Sonic & Black Knight promotion
    Neopets Sonic & Black Knight promotion
    The virtual pet site, Neopets, sometimes has promotional games, and Sonic & Black Knight is no exception! You can go to www.neopets.com to play this game and earn neopoints. The front screen is seen at the left, and the actual gameplay screen is at right. Available 2009/March What does it…
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Looking like the early 90s...
Here's another Target Tee. This one is "Lets Roll" the summer Sonic tee. It has jumping peace-sign modern Sonic in front of a pink/block-print style palm trees/stripe sunset background. His name and the slogan are spelled out in hot green. Sonic himself is not true color, the tee uses light blue & dark blue respectivly for his lighter (face, belly dot, ears) and darker (shoes, nose, etc) areas.
To further the 90s push, it also uses that annoying 'faux wear' or weathering to the design to make it look partially worn out, especially at the top. This should be about 9.99 or so in the kids/teens area. It is a summer/fall 2021 item.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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