• Cool Sonic plastic table cover
    Cool Sonic plastic table cover
    Keep the party table clean & free of mess with a cool Sonic theme plastic table cover. The cover has CG character art overlapped/repeating all along the edges that hang over the sides. The center white part has small character face icons & shapes. (This is the largest available photo…
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Here is an Old Navy exlusive tee for 2021/summer season.
It's black with modern art for Sonic and Tails. It uses a newer art of Sonic where he's sort of faced away while walking and pointing and looking to the side. It's kind of SA1 reminiscent, but not overly odd. The Tails art has him holding one of his tails. The tee has "Sonic" spelled out in big blocky blue letters at the top.
Due to the size of the character art and word, the shirt comes across as colorful with the big design.
It's a nice tee, if you didn't have something similar already. It should be between 11 and 13.99 or so, depending on sales in the store

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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