• Sonic the Hedgehog trash can
    Sonic the Hedgehog trash can
    Here is a Sonic the Hedgehog trash can.This seems similar to the lamp above. It is made of metal. It has the same jumping 1-finger Sonic as the lamp, and the logo on the back with the checkered bottom. Due to such similarity in design, one must wonder if other…
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Does this shirt look familiar? It should. It's very nearly a clone of an earlier USA shirt. The difference here is that the name "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese appears at the top here, rather than the bottom. Also, Sonic's eyes are filled in blue on this shirt, while the other had them black. Why the need to produce a variant that's so close in style is unknown, but this is a great opportunity to pick this shirt up if you missed the first one. This was found in the chain store Big W in summer 2011, it is made by Cascoblu under Sega license. 


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