• 2 modern Sonic bioworld tees from 2019
    2 modern Sonic bioworld tees from 2019
    Bio World is Back in Modern!Modern design...that is! Bio World has long been a good maker of Sonic clothing, and creator of some fan-favorite designs. They put actual effort into things they do (most of the time) but the boom ban had them either gone or only doing the very…
    in Modern clothing

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This is a catalog page from something called "Acme Merchandise" The booklet (or whatever it was) seems to have been printed in black/white only for some reason. The top has a fighter pilot theme tee which goes to "New Reality Members Only" but the bottom half shows all Sonic designs. They're separated by front/back (front is the top row) . It says "Coming soon to all Segaheads". This must have been around the Sonic 3 era, due to the "Eggman in flaming Eggomatic" art that came out around the same time/was part of the box art. Do you have either of the tees (right or left...middle is on the site)? Send them in for credit. This is an interesting catalog page to see.


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