• Tec Toy portable Sonic cassete tape player
    Tec Toy portable Sonic cassete tape player
    Now here's something that's got to be completely uncommon.It's Tec Toy Brazil's "Hit Parade" Sonic the hedgehog portable cassette tape player. (So, like a walkman) It IS official, seen here mint on the card which must be an even rare-er sight. The cover of the machine has either a very…
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Happy 15th, Sonic! It is great they made a shirt to celebrate, this is surely one to pick up for your collection!
And yes, those re some kind of 'rocket shoes' he's wearing...


A special shirt for Sonic's 15th anniversary! This one has plastic gel bumps on the Japanese name, and thick-feeling paint for Sonic.



Here's a slightly suspicious shirt. Aquired on Ebay, it seems to be a 15th anniversary shirt (and these were made legit) however, the design uses that popular 'fake weathering/fake wear' which is NEVER combined with something that's not supposed to look classic. (which this does not) The back has "Sega" on it, which usually fakes do not...but the tag is just for Hanes.

As it turns out it IS for real. It was given away at E3 in 2006, which explains the 'hanes only' tag as it was printed up officially for a prize give away. After E3 many were sold on ebay because the convention was the only place you could get them, making them likely somehwat uncommon. Info by SonicHOG 

Weathered 15th anniversary shirtPhoto by ChibikoWeathered 15th anniversary shirt backPhoto by Chibiko


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