• Sonic DS Accessories pack
    Sonic DS Accessories pack
    Could these finally be some LEGITIMATE Sonic DS Accessories? With the flood of annoying low quality bootleg ones always on the market, these could be a refreshing change. You can see "Sega" logos on each piece, as well as a mfr. logo (BigBen) on the set box. The set may…
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More clothes keep piling on, thanks to the popularity of Sonic X!
The relative ease of finding them must also be helping Top Heavy along. Sears, JC Penny Department Store and also Kohls keeps going strong by stocking a nice variety in the 'boys' section. Ebay is nice as well, for a design you just can't get at a local store. **Note: Kiddy size shirts MAY include a free bendy toy.
As of Spring 2007, Top Heavy Clothing seems to have figured out different types of people like Sonic. They have divided their shirts into 2 catagories, each with different designs. The designs do not overlap. They have shirts which are for really little kids, and then shirts for everyone else, in nice, reasonable sizes. This is a good move, and shouldn't isolate any of the fans.

Shadow starts things off in this interesting Celtic type knot design. The background is a mottled orange with brown, and has glitter in the paint. There are shadow flames in the background. This was re-released on tan & white in 2009. It was released AGAIN on black, in 2010 summer season. Available at Sears.

Look closely at the design! In the 4 spaces you can see the Sonic X logo-head thing as part of the design. Notice that the edges are made to look 'bladed' and it also has tiny faux screws in it on each of the points. This is a nicely detailed and quality Shadow shirt, in sizes likely to fit you!


At the right (bottom for mobile) is another great Shadow the hedgehog shirt. It features the same pose as above, but is in black and white with 1 color (red). He is defined only by the highlights, giving it a sophisticated style. The orange lightening bolts in the background have fine fades and are nice and realistic. The name uses a new (for them) type of bright metallic silver paint, really adding flash to this shirt. The photo doesn't do it justice, try to pick it up at Sears, Penny's or Kohls!

Shadow the hedgehog black shirtPhoto by Finalapocalypse

Sonic & Shadow blue longsleeve

This shirt also brings something new to the table, a more subdued or pearlized metallic paint. The designs are all black and white (with a bit of green) but the highlights in blue and red feature this new interesting paint. Shadow's is especially difficutl to see in this photo. This half and half design also has more complex


Kanji Japanese letters which say...something. Still, another cool and well done design to collect!
However, the variant appears to only use black ink, with a touch of red (more visible now) for Shadow's name. The design looks more 'black' on the blue variant, and without the shimmering ink it's not quite as striking, though, the design is still a good one to pick up. Var. photos (right) by Finalapocalypse

Sonic & Shadow grey shirtPhoto by FinalapocalypseSonic & Shadow olive shirt


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