• Fye exclusive shirt
    Fye exclusive shirt
    This black tee may be an exlcusive to FYE stores. It's nicely designed though, with good big graphics for Sonic & Shadow. It uses the newer 2011 art for both of them, in some kind of dynamic gesture pose. The text says "Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japanese, but this…
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Everybody Loves a Bad Boy Shirt Tags: Shirt Kids

This is one of the "Small Version" shirts that are just not released in sizes large enough for you to wear. These are meant for little kids only.
"Everybody loves a bad boy" is written in vintage-style text complete with faux-aged crackle paint and a classic winking Sonic stock art face. It's good to see a faux-classic instead of the zillionth Sonic X in this size. This MAY come with a bendy. The bendy MAY be Shadow. It is too bad they havn't released a larger version...


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