• Modern Sonic file folder
    Modern Sonic file folder
    A simple but well done file folder with Modern Sonic design. Is this a stand alone, or is it for a binder? It has 2 pockets. It's listed at 8.09, but why is it so expensive? Terribly pricy for cardboard.
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Another progressive and interesting offering!
This all gray shirt features only blue, black and white ink. Everything on it is done in a really 'sketchy' style, with many jagged lines and oversprays. Sonic is roughed in, but all the details are there. He's also in a nice new pose, so this isn't some run-of-the-mill shirt. Another stand-out feature are the Chaos Emeralds! Finally, someone is encorporating them into designs, this time as a pattern of stripes. The classic Sonic logo appears, even though the shirt is new-style. This is available at Sears in the USA in the summer of 2008.


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