• Sonic Glasses at Hastings Stores
    Sonic Glasses at Hastings Stores
    Here is a selection of Sonic glasses seen at Hastings stores in 2014. As you can see, they have 2 'tumbler' regular size glasses & 1 shot glass. All are classic themed. The first glass has a really huge (in comparison with the scenery) finger-waving Sonic & logo over a…
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Many characters shirt Tags: Shirt

This shirt may be a bit mixed up, but it sure packs in the characters! From the back you can see Omega, Rouge, Sonic 360 Eggman, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Knuckles Sonic & Shadow. It has Sonic's name in Japanese at the bottom, along with the Sonic 360 logo on the other side. This shirt has 4 known types: blue (shown), white brown, and tan. The picture is always the same, just the color varies. These were available at Sears in 2009 fall/winter/summer. 


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